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My Keyboards

v3 Corne MK2

Ortholinear, 40% keyboard with thumb splay, kailh choc browns switches, lubed & gasket mods

Corne keyboards are a fairly popular custom mechanical keyboard design that has been around for a few years. I stumbled upon This keyboard uses a nice!nano microcontroller with the ZMK firmware to have two completely wireless split keyboards.

The hotswap keyboard PCB I used was purchased from Little Keyboards. More details and other permutations of the keyboard PCB can be found on the corne github..

Currently, I haven't moved the keycaps from my previous build, so there is a random smattering of labels on it currently. The microcontroller is currently uncovered, may put a laser-cut piece of acrylic over it at some point, I kind of like the open/exposed look currently.

Metal Corne

The top cover is printed with Steel filled Metal Composite PLA from proto-pasta and has a very pleasant, slightly rough texture. The orange base is printed with Polymaker PETG.

Metal Corne

v3 Corne MK1

The first custom keyboard I built. It looks like the v2, but green and wired. Pictures may come at some point.