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I've been sewing on and off for the last few years, here are some jackets there were sewn in that time.

Winter jacket

TODO: post pictures and details

Thinsulate provided a half-inch thick layer of insulation between a waterproof coated fabric and a neoprene lining.

Pictures to come.

Bomber jacket with golden arrows for my love

2018, Denim, t-shirt knit and red velvet fabrics

This is a jacket I made for my wife in September 2018. It uses a thick red velvet fabric for the body and a thinner denim with many golden arrows screen printed onto it. The lining uses a grey t-shirt knit.

Finished love jackset
The finished jacket with gold zipper and arrows.

Cutting out the patterns
Finished cuts of the main material
Fit check back
Fit check front
Finished fit check on myself
I want to keep it for myself

A jacket present for a friend's birthday

2014, Neoprene fabric was hard to work with and very stretchy.

This jacket was a present for a friend, my first large jacket project.

present jacket
The finished jacket is being worn.

present jacket
Cutting the pattern.

present jacket
More cutting.

present jacket
Basic seams are done.

present jacket
Pockets done.

present jacket
Both pockets.

present jacket
Pocket opening.

present jacket
WIP zipper and collar seams.

present jacket
Collar and zipper in place, working on the waistband.

present jacket
Mistakes were made here.

present jacket
DIY zipper stop from thick metal clip.

present jacket
The finished jacket.

present jacket
Collar details.

present jacket
More shots.

present jacket
Whoops. Misaligned the bottom rim.

present jacket

present jacket